Oils and Inks





Early 76 cm x 76 cm Oil on canvas 2021

Running in Central Park

Running in Central Park 76 cm x 102 cm Oil on canvas 2020

Midsummer Dream
Woman Texting
A Dream

Oil on canvas, 2018

Be Your Own Sunshine

Oil on canvas, 2018

See A Little Water Never Hurt Anyone

Oil on canvas, 2019

Between Hogwarts And @Chadtucket

Oil on canvas, 2019

Midsummer Dream

Ink on paper, 2019

Dance With Me

Ink on paper, 2018 New Jersey Watercolor Society Award

Don't Part With Your Beloved

Ink on paper, 2018

Where Do You Want To Go?

Ink on paper, 2018 Original painting is no longer available; please contact me for prints.

Sunday Cross-Reference

Ink on paper, 2018

Facing Monday, Like...

Ink on paper, 2018


Digital Painting




Raffaele Pagano

Raffaele Pagano. Digital sketch created using Procreate for iPad.

Lua Basharova

Lua Basharova. Digital sketch created using Procreate for iPad.

Eugene Godunov

Eugene Godunov. Digital sketch created using Corel Painter.